Relationships made material / by Kat Evans

The introduction to Glenn Adamson's new book “Fewer Better Things - The Hidden Wisdom of Objects” describes how an object’s value can lie in its ability to embody, or at least remind us of, human relationships. This includes those whose skill, knowledge and labour has been used to source and prepare materials, develop and make objects, but could also encompass previous owners or other people instrumental in the life story of an object.

“...objects should be meaningful. Let’s not think of things as ends in themselves, props to put on the mantelpiece. Rather, let’s consider them as points of contact between people. Every object represents a potential social connection. By better understanding the tangible things in our lives, we better understand our fellow humans.”

Following its bisque-firing by Joanne Ayre in the British Ceramics Biennial Shared Studio at Spode Works, this small sculpture was smoked with blanket weed from Stephen Snell's stunning garden during ‘Pit Fest’, a Clay Comrades get together with food and fire.