FOUND | MADE / by Kat Evans


A sedimentary rock, formed by a confusing range of processes:

Sponges and other organisms taking silica from seawater to make their skeletons
Worms and echinoids (sea-urchins) burrowing in the chalk sea bed
Millions of years

Found, on a sunny Boxing Day, with two of the best people I know.

The place was unremarkable. "There are no beauty spots in Hertfordshire".

But the sun shone as we passed the place Amanda wrote her teenage diaries and made the acquaintance of a tree performing a very slow strip tease.


Clay bought from Valentines Clays.

A few days of pinching, shaping, smoothing, drying, shining, firing.
Bisque firing in our Shared Studio by Jo Ayre, British Ceramics Biennial Resident Artist and Studio Manager.

A few weeks of waiting.

A deep pit at Bleak House, dug by Stephen Snell. Pit packing and fire building by all the Clay Comrades.
A couple of days of smoldering.

And finally...

Cleaning, polishing,
and looking - to find beauty in the unexpected.