Objects in space / by Kat Evans

Material brought together, acted upon. Direct object to my subject. 

Each object occupying its space, but in an ever-shifting dialogue with its neighbours. 

A language of form, of planes and edges, but also of shade, light and shadow. 


A significance that briefly appears between a subject and its objects.

Displayed in pairs or groups of three in conversation with each other, you can play endlessly placing planes against edges and curves changing the relationships. They are wonderfully tactile.

Anne Symes, Gallery57 (Sussex, UK)

There is no meaning inherent in any of the pieces. The objects need a subject to activate them, to create the meaning. The form of the piece may be immutable but any meaning is temporary and particular to a specific viewer. As relatively small pieces, with no pre-determined base, there is no way of fixing the way of viewing or interacting with the work. With more pieces, there are more possible interpretations. 

Light plays across the polished surface, creating shadows or reflections from one piece to another. Fickle as smoke, beauty is glimpsed or felt, but then moves on to a different plane.